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Biz2HostSolutions.com is a North American based, worldwide web hosting provider, that specializes in web hosting services with domain registrations, e-mails, website design, e-commerce, e-marketing and internet fax and email fax tools. Our goal is to provide our web hosting and internet fax customers with outstanding services at an affordable price.

We at Biz2HostSolutions realize that there is a need for web-based solutions that focus on ease-of-use and ease-of-access. That is why we are here to help you create the Internet presence your business needs to be successful in the digital age.

We believe that our ability to establish and maintain long-term relationships with our customers is what differentiates us from our competition. The most important thing to us is your feedback. Consequently, Biz2HostSolutions values frequent communication with and feedback from our customers in order to continually improve the quality of care provided by our customer service representatives. In addition, it is the goal of our support center to provide dependable and timely resolutions of customer inquiries 24 hours per day, seven days a week. Please see our Technology and Data Center facility.

Our Services Include:

Domain Name Registration

Register, Renew and Transfer your domain names through our website www.PerfectWebAddress.com Or www.Biz2HostSolutions.com. You can also park your domain free as long as you want, in case you are not ready for web hosting.

 We currently offer following regional domain names:
  • .at - Austria
  • .be - Belgium
  • .bz - Belize
  • .ca - Canada
  • .cc - Cocos Islands
  • .ch - Switzerland
  • .cn - China
  • .de - Germany
  • .dk - Denmark
  • .es - Spain
  • .eu - Europe
  • .fr - France
  • .it - Italy
  • .li - Liechtenstein
  • .me - Montenegro
  • .mx - Mexico
  • .nl - Netherlands
  • .tv - Tuvalu
  • .uk - United Kingdom
  • .us - USA
  • .ws - Western Samoaa

Web Hosting and Maintenance (Personal and business class web hosting)

Biz2HostSolutions provides UNIX and Windows hybrid platform web hosting services provider which allows you to run applications normally. Your website will be hosted on the best in RAID server technology, allowing us to provide affordable and dependable web hosting services that are backed up by Biz2HostSolutions' 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Our web hosting platform is completely secure and redundant, with automated on-site and off-site backups of all data.

Personal and Business Class E-Mail boxes

We provide E-Mail hosting solution for those who want their own personalized email address but do not require a hosted website. Biz2HostSolutions' Email Hosting operates on a clustered Email server environment that is fully redundant and monitored 24/7/365. This ensures complete reliability, a claim we back up with our 99.9% Uptime Guarantee - a part of our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee - and a Service Level Agreement (SLA) that gives you confidence to host your Email with us.

Web Designing and Regular Maintenance (Designing your website is easy now)

To establish your web presence you need to have a professional-looking and an effective website so that you stand-out amongst your competitors. Design your own website with EasySiteWizard Pro™ by following our easy drag-n-drop steps. You may add your own images or select from our free image library or let us design your website. All you need to do is select a design template from over 3800 professionally designed templates and let us know. We'll do the rest and your business will be online within 10 to 15 days.

E-Commerce (Sell your product and services online)

The Internet is rapidly becoming an indispensable business tool, creating unprecedented opportunity for organizations of all sizes. At the same time, consumer Internet usage is growing dramatically around the world. A well-designed online store can help you create competitive advantage in the marketplace, develop loyal customers, and most importantly increase your bottom line. With all the advantages e-commerce offers, can you afford not to be online?

SSL Certificates (Vanity SSL Certificate or a Free Shared Certificate)

Biz2HostSolutions offers you to use of a Shared SSL certificate for FREE with ASP Pro or above hosting packages. Using this shared certificate reduces the cost for you to set up and run your e-commerce website. Biz2HostSolutions also offers GeoTrust, thawte and VeriSign Certificates for sale. To purchase and set up your SSL certificate please click HERE.

E-Marketing (Promote your website, product and services Send Newsletters Safely)

Getting yourself known on the Internet is now easier. We offer a wide variety of tools to help market your new website on the web. From search engine submissions and optimization (Google, Yahoo!, MSN Search) to managed mailing lists and newsletters, we understand what it takes to get noticed and keep your customers coming back for more.

Internet Fax to Email Service - across Canada and the United States (Send and Receive Faxes via Email or Internet)

Gofaxgo.com (Online fax service) is an Internet fax to email service and Intrnet fax service, provided by Biz2HostSolutions.com (a worldwide web hosting provider) which enables our users to send and receive faxes via email or the internet. Each user receives a standard, 10-digit local Internet fax number or a 1 800 toll-free fax number. The user can then use this number to receive faxes directly, or they can forward their current fax number to the Gofaxgo Internet fax number (it must be supported by service provider). Any fax sent to the allocated number will automatically be converted to a PDF or TIF file and emailed to them.
    You can now safely use Gofaxgo.com fax to email service when looking for a Fax to Email, Email to fax and web Fax service. Send and receive faxes anywhere, anytime using our Internet fax to email service.
    We also have web-based tools for viewing, saving, printing and forwarding all your faxes online. You can now stop using your fax machine and get your gofaxgo internet fax number for free. To send faxes by email with Gofaxgo.com, see our DEMO on how to send a fax by email. Our Fax to email service eliminates the need to constantly monitor your fax machine, as all in-coming faxes go straight to your inbox. Send and receive fax via internet or email
. Following are the main features for our Internet Fax-to-Email Service:

  1. You can select toll free fax number 1-866, 877, 888 or Local fax number with no extra charges.
  2. You can manage your faxes on our secured web interface at www.gofaxgo.com OR
  3. You can send faxes from your desktop, by typing ( recipient-fax-number@gofaxgo.com ).
  4. You can also receive faxes from any conventional fax machine by entering ( your-fax-number ).
  5. You can access and manage your faxes online. Get your Internet fax number and start faxing.


Our Web hosting Data Center:

Our state-of-the-art data center was built to genuity standards and we are currently serving Bell Canada, Rogers Business Solutions CANADA, Idearc Media USA, British Telecommunication, and Talk Talk UK. We use four North American points of presence to ensure reliability. The main center is an 80,000 sq. ft. Intelligent Internet Data Center, located in Toronto, Canada, with a capacity of more than 35,000 servers - built to grow with your business.

Our multi-level approach to security ensures all of your systems and applications operate in a safe and reliable environment. The center provides top-level 24x7x365 perimeter security including video surveillance, biometric and card-key access, and 24-hour on-site security. Please take a tour to our DATA CENTER

Our Web hosting Platform:

Our web server clusters are bundles of hardware, operating systems, and applications integrated to host and serve business-critical web applications to users worldwide. We ensure that the hardware, software and network infrastructure to support websites are optimized for speed and efficiency and robust enough to handle the peaks and valleys of customer demand.

Security Features:

Our servers are protected with software-based fire walling at source and destination addresses, and source and destination ports. Our systems are secured using the latest security methods including router access list filtering on inbound carrier feeds and fire walling at the SYN level on internal devices. Security systems, including firewalls, are tested on a monthly basis. We use security scanners that are automatically updated instantly with the latest exploit/DOS check codes. This provides us with an accurate and detailed report on our systems.

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