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Frequently Asked Questions
Do I need a Fax machine?
What is Fax to Email?
Can I receive multiple page faxes?
How many email addresses can be notified for each fax?
I receive sensitive data. How SECURE is Fax to Email?
Do I need to download or install software?
What file formats can I send with Gofaxgo?
Can I forward my existing fax number to my Gofaxgo number?
Can I get a toll-free Gofaxgo number?
Can I send and receive faxes with a Blackberry or handheld device?
How can I get Gofaxgo but keep my existing fax number?
Can I get separate Gofaxgo numbers for different individuals or departments?
Is there a limit on the number of Faxes I can receive?
What is Never Busy Service?
Gofaxgo provides you with just one fax number however with our system you can receive several faxes simultaneously for your fax number thereby eliminating busy signals on your fax line.

Will I receive advertising or spam as a result of joining Gofaxgo?
How will I know if my fax was sent successfully?
How long does it take from the time a fax is received until it arrives in my email?
What about viruses ? Aren't they spread mostly by opening email attachments?
What are the best settings for scanning documents in order to fax?


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